Short Bio:

Pamela Taylor grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania nurturing her love for animals and plants, before becoming a primary teacher and reading specialist. In and out of the classroom, she shared her passion for nature with her three sons and young students. Now she creates quirky animal adventures and poetry. Pamela is an active member of the North Texas Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is a graduate of the Children’s Book Academy. She is currently working on several new picture books and poetry collections.

Long Bio:

I was raised on a farm in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania with my parents, three brothers and a twin sister. We had a barn full of animals, a garden full of vegetables and an orchard full of fruit trees. Taffy, a rescue dog, was our constant companion. My mom and dad were wonderful storytellers who loved books and reading. In the summer, Mom would take us to the library for a new stack of books every week. My favorite place to read was on the largest branch of the old apple tree.

My sister and I loved to explore the outdoors, developing our imaginations and  curiosity about nature. I remember feeding the fish in the pond, picking strawberries and catching crayfish in the stream. I have fond memories of caring for cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, a duck and a horse named Rosy. Wonderful vacations were planned around the farm harvest calendar. We’d pack up the car and head north to New England or south to Florida. Historical sites, museums, parks and beaches made for fun and educational journeys.

My love of language and literature continued to develop as I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development. My favorite class in college was Children’s Literature. I even had a summer job in the Library Science Department. Shortly after graduating, I started writing and teaching.

I married my husband and earned my Master of Education Degree in Reading. I loved introducing my students to literature; story time being the best part of the day! My career enabled me to share picture books everyday with eager readers and listeners.

Our family grew to five when we had three sons. We moved from Pennsylvania to Texas when they were young. My days were full of teaching, homework, Cub Scouts, youth sports and trips to National Parks. Now our sons are all grown and making their own adventures. Even though I’ve hung up my recess whistle and am no longer teaching, I am still learning, creating new characters and stories for my readers!


  1. I have a twin sister
  2. I like to study maps
  3. I love to go camping
  4. My favorite color is blue
  5. I once held the Stanley Cup
  6. I love snorkeling in the ocean
  7. My favorite season is summer
  8. I’m not very good at playing golf
  9. I love hiking in the national parks
  10. I enjoy hayrides and football games
  11. I’m not crazy about spiders and snakes
  12. I had a pet iguana that loved strawberries
  13. I once had a cool job in an ice cream shop
  14. I like to collect rocks, fossils and seashells
  15. I order pizza every Friday night for my family
  16. I belong to a book club called the Page Turners
  17. My favorite movie trilogy is The Lord of the Rings
  18. I won a trophy at the county fair for showing sheep
  19. I love Tex-Mex food (Don’t forget the guacamole!)
  20. My prize 4-H rabbit got a blue ribbon, then ate half of it
  21. My favorite punctuation mark is the interabang (interrobang)
  22. I like to watch the squirrels, birds and lizards in my backyard
  23. Boy, oh boy! I have a husband, 3 brothers, 3 sons & 1 grandson
  24. I memorized “The Swing” by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1st Grade
  25. I remember beloved picture book characters from my childhood
    including Clifford, Pippi Longstocking, Ferdinand and Curious George